Conducting Workplace Investigations - The Right Way

Conducting Workplace Investigations - The Right Way

Workplace Investigations are complex and if not conducted properly, can create many issues for the organization you work for, including finding themselves in court defending an investigation that was not done correctly. Join us for an informative and hands-on one-day session in which the instructors will walk through each step of the investigation process using a case study. The instructors will share examples from their years of investigation experience and share with you best practices when conducting workplace investigations and what can go wrong if not done correctly.

Joely Sorensen

Joely is a seasoned Human Resources professional with over 20 years experience leading and advising businesses in professional capacities. She has worked extensively with organizations in an HR generalist capacity, to provide practical and strategic HR direction. 

Joely’s career has spanned a wide variety of industries in both unionized and non-unionized environments. She and her partners at ACTivate HR Corp. work to assist and support companies throughout Alberta with Workplace Investigations and HR Solutions. With a background in policing and a degree in Science, Joely brings a unique perspective to HR issues with the ability to truly dig deeper into an issue to identify the facts and the root cause of issues in the work environment.

As a licensed professional investigator, Joely has conducted a wide variety of workplace investigations in bullying and harassment, Human Rights violations and major policy breaches. 

Her areas of expertise in HR include organizational design, strategic HR, optimizing HR teams and processes, assistance with HR partnerships in organizations, as well as workplace investigations.