Your Brain on Conversations: Learning Approaches That Maximize New Skill Uptake

Your Brain on Conversations: Learning Approaches That Maximize New Skill Uptake

Ever wondered why some leaders do a great job of getting their teams to collaborate and innovate and others fail miserably? Discover a conversation framework that fosters a climate of psychological safety, essential for new thinking and productivity. Help leaders shift their teams into a focus on solutions and action, instead of problems and detail, by having conversations that give people what their brains need to be high performing. Experience the impact of interactions that foster a growth mindset, where the focus is on acknowledging effort and encouraging inspired action - in a short amount of time. Noesis Learning shares brain-based conversation tools that create the optimum conditions for insightful interactions that result in a highly engaged workforce.

Jane Moran

Jane is Chief Learning Officer at Noesis Learning, with nearly twenty years specializing in neuroleadership. A dynamic facilitator and coach, Jane’s passion is for the science of learning. Jane has global experience bringing brain-based learning to improve the way people think and work in highly complex environments. A top rating HRIA conference speaker, Jane brings research-based learning to groups in a way that’s easy to understand, and immediately applicable. Jane’s repertoire of insights, approaches, and content, shift busy people into action. She’s proven that expertise repeatedly with corporate clients in Canada, the US, Australia, England and Asia. At Noesis, Jane specializes in practical approaches that transform leader behaviours so people and places can embrace change.

Drawing on her work with Google leaders. Jane creates face-to-face and online learning experiences that ramp up collaboration and focus so people can think and innovate. The result is a socially intelligent workplace environment where everyone’s (brain) needs are met. Jane has an Executive Masters in NeuroLeadership, (EMNL), is a Results Certified Master Coach & Coach Trainer, with a Bachelor degree Communication Studies and is a published speaker.

Wendi Meyer

Wendi brings over 20 years of business experience and post graduate studies in NeuroLeadership to focus on how best to use the brain to create powerful teams and organizations. She has worked with the “who’s who” of the energy and communication sectors and is 100% engaging at the front of a room. She’s an internationally certified professional coach, as well as a corporate and university-based educator.

Living in Calgary, Canada and Swaziland, Africa, Wendi brings a real understanding of how to use diversity of thought and culture as an asset, not an obstacle. Wendi is passionate about helping leaders, teams and organizations create work environments where high performance and success are everyday occurrences. Wendi’s work at Noesis Learning increases the success of change initiatives through effective communication strategy, training program design, delivery and facilitation. She has coached, trained and worked side-by-side with leaders to develop and implement change strategies during mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructuring and business process change.