Using Science (Not Gut) to Build High Performing Teams

Using Science (Not Gut) to Build High Performing Teams

In our experience, most managers and leaders rank themselves well above average at sizing up people’s personalities - and therefore, how to align and motivate them. Let’s assume for the moment they’re right and they all have above average skills in this area (a debate for another time). The challenge we’ve found in our work across North America and Australia, is that very few leaders and managers understand the IMPLICATIONS those personalities and characteristics have within a team and on a business. Because they don’t understand these implications, their ability to consistently build high performing teams isn’t what it needs to be. A large part of our practice is based on how personality impacts performance in a role and on a team. Using an objective tool to survey thousands of managers we’ve uncovered three distinct performance orientations, and that every person falls into one of them. Armed with this new knowledge, we’ll review real life case studies and discuss the implications of how these performance orientations impact various management and leadership teams. Leaving this session, you’ll be better equipped to spot symptoms and treat problems to unlock high performance. 

Mike Moreau

Mike Moreau is the President of Concord Consulting Corporation, based out of Sherwood Park, Alberta.  Their business has three main focuses – Consulting (strategic planning / engagement / organizational effectiveness); Tools (Pro.file Performance System / 360° Multi-Rater Feedback); and Training (Leadership Development / Team & Effectiveness / Personality & Performance).  Concord has been serving a variety of clients across Canada, US & Australia for over 23 years. Their clients include: Entrepreneurial firms – manufacturing, construction, automotive, high tech, hospitality, recruitment; Corporations – energy, banking professional firms – engineering, accounting.

Mike’s 18 years of business experience encompasses roles in both large and small business, in both sales and management.  Mike’s responsibilities include consulting and training engagements, and growing Concord’s business locally, nationally and internationally. Mike has also spoken to a variety of Entrepreneurial, HR, Engineering and Medical audiences about the relationship between personality and performance. His work has taken him throughout North America and into Australia.

In addition to the above, Mike is involved with CAMTA, a non-profit group of medical personnel helping underprivileged people.