Leveraging Diversity for Innovation

Leveraging Diversity for Innovation

Research has shown that heterogeneous teams will consistently outperform homogeneous teams when managed effectively. Leveraging an organization’s diverse talent can foster innovation, creating a competitive advantage. Leaders and HR Professionals desiring to drive innovation and creative solutions will learn how to effectively work with staff from diverse backgrounds, and improve decision making processes; learn about the four types of diversity that positively correlate to innovation; and how a combination of these can better enable innovation in their organization. Develop a personal action plan for creating an environment which fosters innovation in a diverse workplace. Leveraging Diversity for Innovation is an interactive workshop based on adult education principles and led by an experienced trainer. Participants will partake in hands-on activities and discuss real-time issues. This session will resonate with HR leaders and professionals who have been looking to leverage their diverse groups within their organization to drive business innovation and success.

Dr. Prince Ehoro

Dr. Prince Ehoro is an accomplished speaker, facilitator, project manager and researcher with over 10 years of experience in administering and conducting qualitative/quantitative research in North America, Europe and Africa. He has presented his findings at international conferences on the issues affecting ethnic/visible minority based businesses and immigrant populations. With Graybridge Malkam, Prince has facilitated training/coaching sessions, and performed primary/secondary research.

Prince is a seasoned speaker at conferences and an engaging facilitator and storyteller, who can blend evidence-based data, rigorous analytical research, and invaluable personal knowledge and experience to ensure every participant finds new and important insight on the topic.

Prince has earned a PhD from the University of Aston in England, an MBA from the University of Bedfordshire in England, and a BSc from Rivers State University of Science & Technology in Nigeria. Prince also has a Certificate in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University.