Identify and Activate the Hidden Potential Within Your Organization

Identify and Activate the Hidden Potential Within Your Organization

How do you identify future leaders within your organization today? In this interactive session we address the barriers and challenges both individuals and organizations face that prevent hidden leadership talent from surfacing. Why didn’t the organization spot the leadership potential in the first place? Why were there so many barriers to success? What other highly talented people are bumping up against the same barriers, but struggling to overcome them?

Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell works with organizations to unleash leadership potential.  In today’s volatile business environment, to become an agile, nimble and ultimately successful organization it is critical to ensure alignment of leaders and their teams to driving strategy.  This is what separates you from your competition.

Over 17 years, Bill has consulted with organizations, in all industries, to accomplish this - placing a particular emphasis on measuring results and building the internal capability of his clients to own the solutions moving forward. He is a regular speaker at business focused HR conferences and joined Development Dimensions International (DDI) in 2008 as a Talent Strategist for Western Canada.   

Mathieu Baril

Mathieu oversees all DDI's activities in Canada, from market and strategy alignment to how the firm services clients to enable their achievement of business and cultural objectives. He leads a multi-talented team of program architects, consultants, and project managers who provide both insights and practical means to sustainably grow leadership capabilities required to execute on strategy.

In consulting engagements, Mat works with senior executives to ensure strategic alignment at the onset of large projects, provides leadership program design and governance consulting, and advises senior stakeholders involved in C-level succession decisions. As an executive sponsor for client engagements, he supports, guides, and helps remove any barriers to achieving desired outcomes for Canadian and international deployments.

He is a regular speaker at conferences across the country and events specializing in progressive leadership development practices and strategic talent management aligned to the business. Mathieu holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from Laval University and is Fluently bilingual in French and English.