The Human Resource Professional's Practical Guide to Change Management

The Human Resource Professional's Practical Guide to Change Management

During times of transition HR professionals are tasked with guiding and facilitating change but do so from a unique perspective. Therefore, you need specific tools and resources to effectively take on a strategic role as you guide multiple stakeholders to successfully deal with amendments. Self- awareness regarding your personal responses and reactions to change is also required to properly facilitate transition. 

At this one day workshop, you will learn practical ideas and techniques to successfully launch, support and sustain change management initiatives within your organization.  

Specific topics include:

  • Why HR professionals must build competence in change management;
  • The common drivers of change and how to identify these;
  • Categories of organizational change;
  • A formula for managing change;
  • Key areas of resistance to change and how to address these;
  • How to effectively commence a change initiative and maintain momentum;
  • How to use strategic communication during times of change; and
  • How to harness personal strengths to provide strategic value during times of change.

Melanie Peacock

Melanie Peacock has almost 30 years of experience as a Human Resources Management professional. Through her own company, Double M Training & Consulting, Melanie helps clients with their complex Human Resource Management issues by developing effective and innovative solutions.  As well, Melanie is an Associate Professor with the Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University.  

Melanie is a published author of various best-selling HR books, with The HR Professional’s Guide to Change Management being her most recent work.  As well, Melanie is an active and sought-after local, provincial and national media contributor and commentator. Further, as an engaging keynote speaker and presenter Melanie encourages people to enhance their work and pursue self-development.

As testimony to her exceptional work within the HR profession, Melanie was recognized with CPHR Alberta’s Distinguished Career Award in 2014. A gifted group facilitator and teacher Melanie regularly receives top teaching ratings and was awarded the first Mount Royal Faculty Association Teaching Excellence Award. In further recognition of her work and accomplishments, Melanie was the recipient of the prestigious Western University Alumni Association’s 2016 Professional Achievement Award and was recognized in HRD magazine’s 2017 Hotlist as one of the top 30 most influential HR practitioners in Canada.

Melanie obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree (with distinction) at the University of Alberta, her MBA from the Ivey School of Business (Western University) and her Ph.D. (Faculty of Education) from the University of Calgary.